Perdy secretly visits Matthew in prison and questions him about his arrest. Matthew is upset that Perdy doubts his innocence and he insists that the evidence was planted and Grayson was the culprit. Later, Perdy tells Carl that Gray was behind the email viral campaign, but she can’t believe that he’d go so far to set up Matthew for murder.

Jasmine struggles to keep Viv under control during the pantomime rehearsals as Viv keeps making changes to the script. Jasmine despairs as the cast repeatedly make mention of the the theatrical taboo Macbeth, but the audience arrive and the play goes down a storm. Only Shadrach the Christmas fairy is left disgruntled when the Dingles haul him up in the air on a rope and leave him overnight!

Diane plans Christmas Day to the letter and Val is worried that Diane is trying to take on too much. Diane suggests to Jack that he could move into the pub but she’s disappointed when he’s unenthusiastic. Mel realises that Jack is unhappy and she provides a shoulder to cry on. Jack feels better when Victoria finally agrees to spend Christmas Day with the family at the Woolpack.

Also, Sandy, Edna, Turner and Betty finish off Pearl’s decorating.