Matthew threatens Barraclough

Carl sobers up and is appalled that Jimmy has kidnapped him and taken him abroad. With Carl overseas, Matthew visits Barraclough and threatens her that if the affair comes out it will be the end of her career and demands to know what Carl has told her. She lies that he told her Matthew killed Tom. Matthew doesn’t believe her, but rings Jimmy to get the truth. Later, Matthew threatens Barraclough and tells her that he’ll do something she’ll regret.

Meanwhile, Victoria is dragged back to the Woolpack for another day of work and is caught smoking a cigarette by Val and Diane. Back in the bar Billy tries to calm Diane down, but she tells Billy he’s not the best person to be taking parenting advice from.

Terry has a go at Duke for teaching TJ to fight and tells him to stay away from him. Duke tries to defend himself saying that he did his best as a father and a mother to Terry, but Terry didn’t make it easy with his drinking. Terry is unforgiving and Duke decides to move out. Louise asks Terry to give him another chance.