Matthew walks Ruby home from the party, but despite his attempts at flirtation, she makes it clear she’s not interested. The next day, she’s just as rude, but his caring attitude makes her think twice about him. Meanwhile, he continues their online conversations under the guise of Skye, and is thrilled when he discovers she’s beginning to like him.

Christine is still refusing to get proper help for Melody, leaving her locked in her room, allowing her out only to eat and giving her nothing to do other then schoolwork or prayer. During a visit while Christine is out, Geoff is shocked by what Melody tells him, and when her mum returns, he suggests Melody’s priest comes over to counsel her. But Melody is furious when Christine resolves to perform an exorcism…

Kirsty stresses out about her interview at The Sands. Having lied about her qualifications to work behind a bar, she worries when they decide to give her a trial bar shift. Then, while serving one of the hotel’s biggest clients, she’s accused of short changing him, and not knowing who he is, argues the point. Convinced she’s made a mess of it, Kirsty is taken aback when they offer her a job as a housekeeper.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday November 21*