It’s been a disappointing evening at the bingo for Beth and Sinead. As they head for the bus stop, they chat to Maureen, the winner of the evening. But when a lad suddenly makes a grab for Maureen’s handbag full of cash, Beth comes to Maureen’s rescue.

Phelan’s not moving and Gary’s beside himself as he looks at his body. He desperately phones Owen telling him Phelan’s been hurt in an accident, but when Owen finds Gary wandering the street he confesses he hit Phelan with a piece of copper piping because he’d tried it on with Anna. However, when they return to the building site Phelan’s body is nowhere to be seen…

Jason riles at Tony for losing him the gym contract. Still smarting from his run in with Jason, he flirts with Liz in the Rovers, clearly enjoying her company.

Also, Jake is rushed into hospital with suspected meningitis; and Mary, Stella and Kal plan a surprise party for Dev’s 50th birthday.