Max continues to subtly flirt with Roxy. It’s clearly his own guilty conscience talking when he finds Tanya making lunch for Jack and suspects Tanya of having an affair! Tanya is taken aback by Max’s jealous remarks. Max says he’s jealous because he’s frustrated by their lack of sex life. Max feels guilty when Tanya reminds him it’s because she has cancer. Tanya panics that Max is going to leave her and he promises that won’t happen.

Lucy offers to cook a family lunch and secretly invites ‘L’. Mandy is wary that Lucy is up to something. Ian is upset when they forget that it’s his birthday. Later, Lucy gets a text from ‘L’ arranging to meet in the Vic. Lucy blurts out to Ian that Mandy is having an affair and she’s got the proof. Lucy is stunned when ‘L’ arrives, as it’s Mandy’s mum Lorraine, much to Mandy’s horror!

Michael and Janine attend an early pregnancy class. Michael is annoyed when Janine constantly undermines him. Janine doesn’t take the class seriously and is scathing about the teacher. Later, Michael’s frustrations grow when Janine reveals she’s hired Whitney to be their live-in nanny. Michael announces he’s had enough of Janine taking all the decisions – she’s on her own!