Max acts suspiciously

Max pushes aside his grief to go to work, despite concern from his family. When Max finds out that Phil Mitchell has been arrested over the incident, he returns home. Finding Ben with Abi, Max loses it, throwing Ben out of the house. Max finds Emma’s file on Lucy, tearing it to shreds, as Carol tries to calm him down.

The Mitchells are stunned to discover that Phil has been charged with attempted murder. When Sharon visits Phil in jail, he tells her that Nick Cotton was the real culprit, begging Sharon for her help. At Dot’s Sharon faces Nick, telling Dot that Nick was the one who cut the brakes on the car. When Nick denies any involvement, a protective Dot throws out Sharon.

Meanwhile, Charlie is withdrawn, refusing to visit Ronnie in hospital or collect the baby. A guilty Nick listens as Yvonne speaks to their son, sneaking off to get the money. Out of the blue the police arrive, saying they know Nick Cotton is alive…