Undercover as a dock yard worker, DS Max Carter watches as Pete Monks and Tom Harris try to steal DVD players from one of the containers. Also watching nearby, DCI Jack Meadows decides to arrest Pete and Tom, but just as his team are about to move in, Intelligence Officer Karen Lacy appears and begs Jack not to arrest Pete.

Karen reveals that her team have been watching the notorious Monks family for months and they believe that a large shipment of cocaine is about to be brought in – if Pete is arrested now, it will blow the whole operation. With some quick thinking, Max tips Pete off about the police so that only Tom is arrested.

Back at Sun Hill, Tom agrees to help the police with their investigations so that they can finally arrest Dave Monks, the head of the gang, who Karen’s team have been trying to capture for years without success. Heaton asks Pc Beth Green to work undercover in Dave’s bar, to get close to Dave’s daughter, Chloe, and her boyfriend, Asif Perreira.

Later, Dave is talking to Max about ‘extra work’ while Beth keeps watch from behind the bar. Over at Tom’s, DS Stuart Turner disturbs two masked men before finding Tom beaten and unconscious. Have the officers lost their key witness?

*Guest starring Shaun Williamson*