Max and Jack hatch a plan to lure Harry to the club so they can put the frighteners on him to stop him terrorising Vanessa. Harry turns up and Jack physically threatens him. Harry goads Max and says he had sex with Vanessa the previous week. Max darkly warns Harry to keep away from Vanessa and Harry agrees. Jack heads home to get some rest before the wedding. On the way back Jack is bundled into a car by two heavies…

Roxy blames Glenda when the bag of money goes missing. Roxy can’t face Ronnie’s hen do at Argee Bhajee. Roxy pours out her woes to Alfie who agrees to help her raise the money for the wedding by selling everything she’s got. Glenda is about to tell Ronnie that Roxy is skint when Roxy interrupts. She secretly shows Glenda the money.

Carol visits Connor and demands he apologise for trying to kiss her. Connor says he thought that’s what she wanted. Carol looks around Connor’s squalid flat and tells him she wants to cook and clean for him like she did for Billie. A reluctant Connor agrees.

Also, Vanessa lies to Jodie about who her real father is; Kat celebrates her hen in the Vic.

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