At Il Gnosh, Tony continues to try to make peace between OB and Max, but is horrified when OB throws Max’s olive branch back in his face. Meanwhile Fletch and Josh turn up and begin to argue over how to spend the proceeds of their world’s worst table sale. A fight breaks out between the pair, leaving Max and OB finding themselves in the unlikely position of having to make peace between the lads.

The results of the paternity test arrives at the Osbornes, and Steph, Craig, Darren, Jack and Frankie are all anxious to know the truth. But Jake is reluctant to open the letter, afraid of what he might find out and stalls by taking baby Charlie out for the day.

Meanwhile, baby Charlie is still causing chaos at the Deans when Darren and Jack clash over the tot and Frankie drives everyone mad with her clucky devotion. Later, the family are still bickering when Jake arrives home to make a big announcement over the identity of Charlie’s true dad.

Elsewhere, still consumed with guilt over her one night stand with Warren, Mercedes is nervous when a conniving Warren challenges Russ to a few games of pool. While Russ is in the loo, Warren tries to steal a kiss from a less than resistant Mercedes.