Max is still feeling troubled after his clash with Clare, but OB is determined to help his best mate fight back and persuades Max to keep Clare occupied while he sneaks into the flat and changes the locks. Max manages to create a diversion with Clare before getting the all-clear signal from OB. However, no sooner are they in the flat, than Clare turns up to pay a visit. Furious to discover she’s been duped, she threatens to destroy Max completely.

Jake, Frankie, Nancy and baby Charlie visit Becca in prison, but she’s frosty towards Jake and only seems interested in Charlie’s welfare, until Jake reveals the truth about the paternity test. Stunned at the result, Becca begs Nancy to allow Jake and Charlie to move in with her rather than live with the Osbornes, and she’s thrilled when Nancy agrees. And she’s even happier when Jake promises her that they can have a proper family life together when she gets out.

Louise and Calvin’s attempts to patch their relationship up don’t go too well, especially with Warren hanging around, throwing a spanner in the works. And things don’t improve when Sasha and Michaela try to step in to play Cupid, leaving the couple’s future hanging in the balance…