Max and Smithy hunt for Jacko’s killer

After the murder of Jacko Jackson, the grandson of infamous gangster Johnnie, Sergeant Smith and DS Max Carter examine the crime scene and eventually find Johnnie, who is covered in blood. Johnnie admits he argued with Jacko but can’t remember any more because of his Alzheimer’s.

The investigation soon turns to Roger Hutton, Johnnie’s illegitimate son, who has a motive after Jacko told the police all about his drug and prostitution scam. Smithy and Max later talk to Roger’s mother and Johnnie’s long-term lover, Doreen Fallon, who claims that Johnnie was with her the time Jacko died.

With Roger denying the murder, Jacko’s girlfriend, Anya Herdlitska, is questioned and admits that, although she and Jacko had a physical fight, she didn’t kill him. Anya later confesses that she returned to the flat to find a distraught Johnnie cradling Jacko – and both were covered in blood.

As the list of potential suspects grows, Max and Smithy are frustrated when a third set of prints are found at the murder scene…