Max and Stacey fear they’re rumbled

Max and Stacey are on edge all day wondering if any of the family overheard them talking about their affair. Stacey is terrified when Bradley is off with her, but it’s only because he’s worried about Jim. Stacey nips out of the church at her wedding rehearsal to talk to Max and Sean notices the tension in the air. After the rehearsal Max sends Stacey a suggestive text, but Jean has Stacey’s phone and she contemplates looking at the message…

Ronnie feels sidelined by Damian and she rows with Roxy who reveals that she’s got Damian back on side to get him to buy Scarlet’s for them. Roxy tells Ronnie that she needs to go to Ibiza to get the cash, but she promises that she’ll be back.

Jase gets a phone call from Terry and he makes an excuse not to meet up with him, but he feels beholden now that he’s taken some of Terry’s cash. Later, Jase defends Dawn when she’s leered at by a group of beery lads in the Vic and he later relents and calls his old friends.

Also, Masood organises a housewarming party; why does Zainab have mysterious scars from burns on her back?

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