Max and Stacey’s narrow escape

Max makes an effort on Tanya’s birthday and presents her with a big bunch of flowers after booking them a table for a birthday meal. But when Stacey demands that Max take her out for a meal, he feels the pressure of trying to keep both his wife and his mistress sweet. Max lies to Tanya that he’s got a business appointment and nips out to see Stacey.

But when he’s late back from his ‘meeting’ an angry Tanya storms off to the pub on her own. Max is relieved when Tanya agrees to forgive him, but he puts himself in more danger when Stacey pulls him into the ladies for a snog. The couple freeze in horror when Tanya comes into the toilets and knocks on the cubicle door…

Phil is feeling sad on the anniversary of Kathy’s death and he apologises to Ben for getting angry with him. Meanwhile, Ian struggles to keep himself busy as he remembers his mum and asks Phil if he’d like to bring Ben over so they can all remember Kathy together. Ben is happy to have his dad’s undivided attention for a change – until Stella arrives offering to take them out for dinner to cheer them up.

Elsewhere, Chelsea gets the hump with Li’s arrogance when she breezes into the salon and announces she’d like a bikini wax for her hot date with Mickey. Chelsea knows that Preeti has her eye on Mickey and encourages her to give Li a ‘Brazilian’ wax to teach her a lesson. Li screams in pain, but she’s determined not to let it ruin her date. Chelsea reassures a despondent Preeti that they can try ‘plan B’ instead.

Also, Jay encourages Peter to break into the Fowler house with him.

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