Max and Steph fall out

Max and Steph’s relationship gets into worse trouble as they clash over money issues. Realising that they need to get things back on track, Steph books a romantic meal at II Gnosh. Niall helps her get ready but ends up spilling red wine over her new dress.

Steph puts on one of Niall’s T-shirts while it dries, but when Max comes back with Kieron, he instantly jumps to the wrong conclusion. Steph and Niall manage to convince him of her innocence, but the couple continue to row until Steph gets offended by Max’s suggestion of a pre-nuptial agreement. Realising that Max doesn’t believe in her, a heartbroken Steph calls the relationship off.

Jack is devastated at the damage of his flooded cellar and tells Darren that, seeing as he is not insured, he will have to declare bankruptcy. Darren begs Warren for help but he’s not interested.

Still struggling with his insecurities about Tina’s surrogacy, Dom worries the village is laughing at him now the truth is out. He opens up to Max and Warren and is surprised when they express their admiration for his bravery.

Also, Kris and Zak vie for the attention of a gorgeous girl in the SU bar.

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