Max arranges a date with Tanya

Bradley confesses to Max that he wants to divorce Stacey, but she seems to have gone AWOL. Max has bought tickets to a concert for his secret date with Tanya and he gives Bradley the tickets to cheer him up and encourages him to take Syd out.

Max meets Tanya for their date and she’s dressed to kill and she moves in for a kiss, but Max tells Tanya he doesn’t want it to be just sex – he wants them to get back together. Max has to go to the shop when they realise they don’t have any protection and passes a tottering blonde covered in cuts and bruises and is stunned to see it’s Stacey…

Whitney is feeling down about her mum and failing her exams. Libby plots to cheer her up and she asks Darren to let Whitney spend the day with him at the car lot. Whitney cancels a girlie day in with Bianca to go to the car lot, but Bianca wants to know why Darren is so interested in Whitney!

Also, Amira decides not to move in with Syed to keep Zainab sweet; Christian is upset when Lucy forgets his birthday; Minty thinks his luck is in with Manda, but has got the wrong end of the stick.