Max attacks Rachel!

That old adage ‘Two heads are better than one’ just hasn’t worked at Waterloo Road and in this episode the tension between sensitive, caring Head Teacher Rachel and uptight Executive Head Max explodes into violence when he physically attacks her…

The blue touch paper is lit when Rachel tells Kim that Max is married. When Kim finds out Max has a wife, she puts him in his place – which is not in her bed. Furious, Max goes to Rachel’s home. She tries to block his entry but he pushes her… The only thing that stops him is Rachel’s threat to call the police. But it’s not enough to get him out of Waterloo Road.

Meanwhile, the peace between the school’s girl gangs seems to be over before it has hardly begun… Year 10 pupil Cassie Turner says Amy, Siobhan and Michaela are bullying her. Cassie has been acting oddly and that, combined with the gang’s past form, leads Kim to march them straight off to the Cooler.

But when Cassie later freaks out during her cookery class, further investigation reveals she’s not being bullied, she’s mentally ill. Hopeless Helen is still at the mercy of her students, though. They find out her home address and pay her a visit, which leaves her seriously considering her future at the school.