Max gets a touch of the green-eyed monster when he notices Tanya and Jane eyeing up Sean and he tells Sean to stay well away from his wife. Max’s suspicions begin to grow when he overhears Sean flirting on the phone and he misses a liaison with Stacey to do some detective work. When Tanya is out of the way at Booty, Max presses redial on the salon phone and is silently furious when Sean answers.

Stacey confronts Max about standing her up and is confused when Max rushes out when she says she heard Sean organising a date with someone at Booty. Max bursts into the treatment room and swings at Sean… as an embarrassed Chelsea peeps out from under a sheet on the massage table!

Rob is surprised to get a text from Dawn that seems to be a reply to something he doesn’t know about. A guilty May admits that she sent a text saying that Rob loves Dawn. Rob is angry with May for upping the stakes but she reminds him that if she hadn’t miscarried, their own baby would be due tomorrow and she desperately wants Dawn’s baby. May talks Rob into calling Dawn and listens in as Rob asks Dawn to come home.

Darren is annoyed when Li wanders into his room without asking and realises that, without a lock on the door, he and Libby need some security and he rigs up cameras to watch the stairs and the living room. Darren and Libby get an email from one of ‘Svetlana’s’ admirers from the website, a Mr Ackroyd, who has fallen for the picture of Li. They’re horrified when he cheerfully announces that having spotted the Albert Square road sign in the back of ‘Svetlana’s’ picture, he’s coming to pay her a visit!

Also, Bert has got the job as a roadsweeper after all but his eyesight causes him problems; Tanya catches Lauren smoking with Jay and demands to know where the cigarettes came from.

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