Lauren gives in to Max who has been badgering her to talk to him, agreeing to meet him in the cafe. Max is desperate to make amends to his daughter, asking her to move back home and Lauren agrees to think about it. Bringing up Max’s past conquests, Lauren is oblivious to a nearby Emma, who is gutted when she overhears.

Billy turns to Phil for help now that he knows Lee saw him arguing with Lucy the night she died. Forced into sorting out Billy’s mess yet again, Phil manipulates Mick and Linda into convincing Lee not to tell the police. When Billy sneaks into the flat to remove any trace of him being there, however, he’s caught by a suspicious Tosh.

Finding out Billy was sneaking around the flat again, Lee decides to change his statement after all, suspicious that Billy could be Lucy’s real murderer. Thinking fast, Phil gets Ritchie involved, then comes up with the idea of moving the focus onto Peter by telling the police that Peter also knew about the spare key. Meanwhile, Pam Coker finds a stash of photos of Lucy hidden in Billy’s kitchen as she babysits Lexi…