Max Branning keeps Carmel dangling

Max Branning insists on keeping his relationship with Carmel under wraps.

Carmel is getting a bit edgy about the fact that Max Branning is insisting on keeping their fling a secret. Max meets up with Fi, who pressures him to get more information from Carmel about the council. Joining Carmel for a drink – along with an oblivious Denise – Max keeps a poker face as Denise teases Carmel about who her secret bloke could be. He soon sneaks off to find Fi and pass on what he’s learned about the council.

Later, Max finds Carmel again and kisses her in public…

Lauren is shocked when her gran Cora turns up to talk to her about her engagement. With Abi stirring things, Cora soon realises that Lauren isn’t as happy about getting married as she’s making out. Cora encourages Lauren to call her mum to tell her about it, saying she’ll call Tanya herself if Lauren won’t do it.

Honey is trying to sort out the family camping trip with Billy. Thinking it might be a nice break for Jack, too, Honey encourages him to come with them and bring Ingrid and the kids. An unsure Jack refuses.

Also, Stacey’s shocked when she finds out from Linda why Whitney was thrown out of the Vic!