Max refuses to listen to the doctor about Abi and he takes desperate measures to save his daughter. The Brannings try to reason with Max and insists that it’s not in Abi’s best interest that he continues the way he’s going. When Max won’t give in, a nurse opens up to him and shares her own experience of a similar situation. Will Max finally allow himself to accept the truth?

Dot is back in Albert Square and she’s surprised to discover that the launderette is open again. When she goes into the launderette, however, she’s not best pleased with Karen’s idea of customer service! Dot soon works out that Karen is struggling and she offers to lend her a hand. But will it end in disaster?

Masood gets ready for his trial behind the bar at the Vic. Mariam and Arshad, of course, think he’s going for a trial at an estate agent, and he’s forced to dress up in a suit! When Masood finally gets to the pub, he discovers that he’s on washing up duty. He manages to persuade Shirley to let him have a go behind the bar but things get off to a bad start…

Also, Whitney’s under pressure to get to Wakefield but still can’t work out what’s going on between Tiff and Bianca.