Max confronts Callum and gives him a cheque for 1,000 pounds to leave Albert Square, but Callum feels insulted. Callum approaches Stacey but she makes it clear that nothing will ever happen between them. Callum decides to leave Walford, but he first confronts Bradley and throws Max’s cheque at him, calling him a gutless coward. A devastated Bradley realises that Stacey must have been tempted by Callum for Max to bribe Callum to leave…

Whitney asks Tony if he’s really planning to marry Bianca and is devastated when he insists the wedding will happen whether she’s there or not. Bianca is worried about Whitney’s bad attitude towards Tony, but doesn’t guess the real reason. Tony bumps into Lauren and subtly flirts with her. Later, Tony gives Bianca a ring and Whitney realises that Tony bought it with the money she gave him.

Ronnie is invited to a school reunion but is reluctant to go. Christian is feeling lonely without Roxy and offers to go along to the reunion with Ronnie for moral support. Christian tries to find out why Ronnie is nervous about the reunion, but she refuses to open up.

Also, Yolande is offered a job in the Minute Mart head office in Birmingham.

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