Max brings out Jack’s violent side

Max invites Jack and Tanya to his and Suzy’s housewarming party. Tanya isn’t keen, but Jack wants them to make a show of being a couple. At the party, Max proceeds to wind up Jack by joking to Tanya about their bedroom antics when they were married. Jack snaps and lunges at Max and Suzy chucks them out.

Bianca wants to organise a party for Tony’s homecoming. Bianca confesses to Ricky that Tony isn’t Morgan’s father, but he stood by her when she got pregnant by another bloke. Bianca needs money for the party and cooks up a scheme with Whitney to ‘slip’ on margarine on the floor of the cafe and tap Ian for compo. When Bianca is distracted by a call from Tony, Ian slips over and is taken to hospital!

Bradley is frustrated that Stacey refuses to be friendly to his ‘new mate’ Callum. Meanwhile, Vinnie is still worried that Callum has designs on Stacey and warns Bradley to keep an eye on Callum, as he’s a real ladies man. Stacey tells Callum to stay away from her, but the sexual tension between them is simmering. Bradley’s jealousy is piqued when he sees them talking.

Also, Jane feels guilty about lying to Ian.

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