Max chooses David over a drunken Kylie

The Platts are disgusted as Kylie drags Max through the school hall, but she’s left devastated when Max breaks free of her and runs to David. A drunken Kylie arrives home and orders Audrey out of the house, leaving Lily alone with her. When Gail and David arrive back home, Kylie’s still furious and is clearly past reasoning.

Roy arrives home with bad news for Hayley. Trying to cheer him up she insists on a Christmas shopping trip with Fiz, Tyrone and the kids. But when they visit Santa’s grotto, the pain and stress becomes too much for Hayley.

Against Anna’s better judgement, Owen and Gary invite Phelan round for drinks. Phelan wants Owen to front a business with him, and Owen feels like it’s an offer he can’t refuse.

Also, Ritchie’s band is a huge hit at the Bistro; and Peter berates Tina for kissing Rob.