Christmas Day dawns in the Square but it looks set to be another explosive Christmas for Max now that Stacey has her phone back – along with Jane’s shock revelation… Max thinks he’s making progress after Abi joins him for Christmas Day at the Fowlers’. Stacey’s phone is a ticking time bomb as it reaches full charge and Max’s downfall is about to happen… leaving the Branning family destroyed forever!

Mick and Linda are determined to have a fabulous Christmas to mark their very last one in the Queen Vic. Determined to make their vow renewal special, they throw everything into it. Aidan, however, looks set to derail the Carters’ special day when he turns up at the Vic, intent on playing a dangerous game to get back at Mick.

Aidan tells Mick that the gift he left for him is a gun and he’s called the police on the Carters! Mick has had to learn the hard way that you don’t cross Aidan Maguire… Is Mick in big trouble?