Max confesses all to Julie

DS Max Carter watches as Julie Nowak cradles bleeding uncle, Cezar Sobieskinski, and she’s in a state of shock when it’s revealed that Cezar has died. As Julie tells Max she warned stepson Pawel Jankowski about the police sting, fearing he was involved,

Marek Jankowski, the target of the sting and Pawel’s uncle, is brought in for questioning and implicates Pawel in Cezar’s murder.

As DS Samantha Nixon decides to release Marek, Max finds Pawel and tells him that Cezar is dead and Marek has put him in the frame. An armed Pawel considers giving himself up but flees when he hears police sirens. Back at Sun Hill, Max takes offence when DS Stuart Turner says he thinks he’s letting his guilt about killing Pawel’s father, Thomas, cloud his judgement.

A furious Max finds Julie waiting in the station for him. As he pushes her for more information about Pawel and Marek, Julie starts to talk about Thomas. But as Max explains the circumstances surrounding Thomas’s death, Julie is horrified when Max confesses that he fired the fatal shot. Determined that Pawel won’t end up like Thomas, Max makes it his sole mission to find the teenager.

Without telling anyone where he’s going, Max heads off to a workshop when he finds an agitated Pawel. But as Max gently approaches him, Pawel catches sight of him and pulls out his gun…