Max confronts OB about his plans

As Summer and OB prepare for the big move to London, OB avoids telling Max the news. He organises a surprise goodbye party for Summer, but covers the fact that he’s going with her too. When Summer inadvertently lets slip to Steph that OB is moving to London too, Steph can’t keep her mouth shut and tells Max. During the party, Max can’t keep a lid on his anger and lays into OB for lying and leaving him in the lurch.

Determined to prove her innocence, Michaela enlists Elliot’s help to find out who advertised the party on the Internet. Pleased at her ingenuity, she and Sasha brag to Niall about what they’re up to. As Elliot taps into the computer system, Niall nervously suggests to Michaela that she’s avoiding the issue of injecting herself.

Because he’s besotted with Sarah, Elliot agrees to help Michaela identify her tormentor. And things get even better when Sarah invites him for a drink in the SU.

Also, Rhys and Mercedes both insist their relationship is purely casual, but are they denying their true feelings for each other?

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