Max visits Tanya in prison, but she refuses to see him. Ronnie discovers that Jack is homeless and offers to let him move back into the flat. Dot shocks Tanya when she reveals that Max has moved in with the kids. Tanya agrees to see Max, but when Max pushes her to admit that she wasn’t the one driving the car she refuses. Max knows she’s lying.

Suzy opens her birthday presents and is delighted when Phil reveals that he will buy her a dog, but he insists that Ben choose the dog with her. Suzy turns up with a Chihuahua called Prince and Phil bites his tongue. Shirley can’t bear Suzy’s Queen Bee act and shouts at Phil to confront Suzy about choosing the dog without Ben. A furious Suzy tells Phil to sack Shirley.

Tony is disappointed when he learns that Lauren has pulled out of the Community Centre table tennis competition. Tony gets hold of Lauren’s mobile number and calls her about why she dropped out. Tony offers his support and invites Lauren to a gig.

Also, Lucy has food for thought when Linda suggests she go up against Peter in the school elections; Patrick and Chelsea plot to get Denise and Lucas back together.

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