Max confronts Jay and demands answers about Abi – he later gets some shocking news!

Max questions Jay when there still seems to be no news on when Abi’s funeral will be held and he later finds out some shocking news

Max is confused about why Abi’s funeral has been delayed and he questions Jay, who tells him that he hasn’t received the paperwork. Concerned about Max’s mounting frustration, Jack suggests Max distract himself by going through Abi’s post. Later Robbie visits Max with something of Abi’s. Realising how much he failed her as a father he heads to the funeral parlour to see her body. Max is stunned when Lauren drops a bombshell – the funeral has gone ahead without him.

Vincent is getting anxious about the delay in the sale of the Albert and he drops the potential buyer in favour of someone who can push things through more quickly. At home, Vincent tries not to freak out when he finds out that Kim is spending money by hiring Karen as a cleaner. When he finds Kim with loads of shopping he snaps and reveals they are broke.

Masood does his best to recreate Mariam’s samosas with some help from her. In the chippy, Masood puts his plan into action but when Kathy finds out she’s furious!

Also, Donna tells Jay they need a new housemate as they can’t make the rent and comes up with an idea to raise some extra cash in the meantime.