Max discovers Kirsty’s lie!

Kirsty still hasn’t taken a pregnancy test and Kat insists she’s going to get one for her. After returning to the flat to take the test, Kirsty shoves it in a bin when she hears someone at the door. Seeing Carl having an altercation with Max, Kirsty panics Carl saw her with the test earlier and has told Max. Kirsty’s relieved that Max doesn’t know the truth… But it’s not long before he finds the negative pregnancy test!

Lauren is out of hospital. Tanya leaves Lauren in Abi’s care while she pops out, but Lauren escapes the house to see Joey. Lauren confronts Lucy, demanding to know if she’s seeing Joey again. Giving a non-committal answer, Lucy lets Lauren believe that they are. Lauren heads to the Vic and demands a drink, furious when Kirsty refuses.

Tanya finds Lauren in the pub and pushes her outside. Max and Tanya get a weak Lauren back to the house. When Tanya and Max start to argue, Lauren begs them to stop, saying she can’t stand to hear them tearing lumps out of each other any longer. Hearing Lauren reveal how much Tanya and Max have ruined her life, Tanya makes a decision and grabs a suitcase…