Max sees Phil, who mysteriously tells him that the ‘part’ he asked for has arrived. Meanwhile, a bored Ian has a broken leg and installs himself in the bedroom with the digital camera and the zoom lens so he can people watch from the window. Phil and Max meet up in the alley and Phil hands him something wrapped in rags. Max opens it to reveal a gun! Later, Ian goes through the snaps he’s taken of the market and he has caught Max and Phil on camera…

Ricky tells Pat he can’t deal with living with Tony and is moving out and Pat realises that Ricky is still in love with Bianca. Ricky comes to Bianca’s rescue when Ian threatens to sue her for negligence and warns Ian off. Bianca gives Ricky a thank you kiss and he nearly confesses his feelings, but thinks better of it.

Bradley and Callum join Vinnie’s football team, but Bradley struggles, while Callum shines and completely shows up Bradley. Vinnie drops Bradley from the team in favour of Callum. Callum buys a seething Bradley a drink, but Bradley chucks it on his feet!

Also, Jane tries to pluck up the courage to tell Ian what she’s been up to.

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