Max sees Lauren in the cafe with Peter and when she refuses to tell him where Tanya and Jack are planning to go he grabs her wrist. A frightened Peter protests and Max grabs Peter by the throat. Later, Max calls the police about an ‘intruder’ in his house and the police find a bullet hole in the wall. Jack and Tanya are about to leave for France when the armed response unit storm the house and arrest Jack for attempted murder!

Stacey bets Callum that he can’t not flirt with anyone for a whole day and is impressed with his self-control, but he loses the bet when he flirts with her. Stacey gets a saucy text from Callum and she asks Danielle to look after the stall for her. Stacey sneaks off to meet Callum at the allotment summerhouse and they kiss…

Denise discovers Libby is supposed to be doing her mock Oxford exam and demands that she go. Libby reluctantly sets off to do the exam, but leaves halfway through. Libby later tells Denise that she doesn’t want to leave Walford and Darren. Denise pays Darren a visit and hints that Darren should ‘let Libby go’.

Also, Archie buys Peggy and the barmaids fancy dress outfits for the Vic’s Halloween party.

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