Max gets a visit from the police

The day of Jake’s plea hearing Ian and Peter put on a brave face. Meanwhile, Max finds out Cora called the police and he and Abi are forced to go through their statements again. When Peter finds out there’s confirmation that Jake was seen with Lucy he talks to Lauren and is shocked to find the ‘new’ witness is Max. Confronting Max, Peter is made to leave by DC Summerhayes. Thanking the police officer, Max talks about being a dad – then moves in for a kiss!

Tosh and Tina babysit Amy for Roxy but have different attitudes to parenting. Worried she’s being too stern, Tosh leaves a relaxed Tina to get on with it. But letting Amy do what she wants has bad consequences when an over-excited Amy throws up.

Roxy’s romantic evening with Aleks is interrupted by the news that Amy has been ill. Returning to collect Amy, Roxy and Aleks find an apologetic Tina and Tosh. When Aleks makes a hurried excuse to rush off, a suspicious Roxy follows. She’s stunned to see Ronnie handing Aleks a wad of cash.

Also, Phil wants to be more involved with Sharon’s bar.