Max gets frisky with Vanessa

Max asks Vanessa to complete some paperwork and asks her whether she’s ‘married, single, or other’. Vanessa seductively says she’s ‘other’ and they get passionate on the office desk. As Vanessa leaves, she puts back on her wedding ring. Meanwhile, Darren helps a damsel in distress in the road. The girl, Jodie, meets up with Vanessa and reveals she’s bagged herself a job and a new man…

Lucas has been out all night and Denise is worried. Lucas returns and claims he’s been at the shelter. Denise goes to book club and the ladies are trying on sexy underwear. Denise struts her stuff in a red basque. Kim blames Bianca when the basque goes missing. Denise waits for Kim to leave before pulling the basque from her bag.

Shirley answers the door to the social worker Derek and tries to stall him. The missing Phil turns up and Shirley is furious that she’s been left to clear up his mess. Phil and Shirley manage to get Ian to let them meet Ben for lunch. Ian tells Phil that once the trial is over he wants Ben to live with him permanently. Phil pleads with Ian that he could lose Ben and Louise for good, but Ian thinks Phil has only himself to blame.

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