Becca gets home to find a grief-stricken family and learns that a body has been found in the river matching Stacey’s description. Max goes with Jean to identify the body. Jean can’t bring herself to go into the morgue, so Max does the grim task. Max tells Jean the good news that the body isn’t Stacey. Becca tries it on with Max and they end up in bed. Becca hurries out after getting a mysterious phone call and a suspicious Max follows her. Becca arrives at a derelict flat and Stacey opens the door…

Billy offers Billie some work on the fruit and veg stall in a bid to butter up Carol, but when Ian catches Billie on the stall he chucks him off. Billie heads to the Vic with Connor, Kylie and Mitch to drown his sorrows. Peggy worries about the troublesome gang and Phil kicks them out and the gang vow revenge on Phil and Peggy.

Jane is happy as she thinks up baby names. Ian takes Lucy to the clinic to complete the termination and then lies to Jane when they return that Lucy has had a miscarriage. Jane is gutted, but she comforts Lucy, who struggles with her guilt.

Also, Chelsea succeeds in seducing Jack.

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