Max goes for Simon

Still troubled by his discovery at Simon’s house, Gilly confides in Max, who is dismissive. Later, Gilly is terrified when he learns Simon is looking after Tom for the afternoon. He and Max wait for Simon and Tom to return, but panic when they take ages. With Simon not answering his phone, Max fears the worst. The pair hurry round to Simon’s flat where they make a shock discovery. Could Gilly’s suspicions be proved right?

Although Amy is looking forward to Leah’s first Christmas, she can’t get into the festive spirit while their unwanted house guest Nige is staying with them. Ste tries to pacify Amy but she reaches breaking point when Nige breaks one of Leah’s Christmas presents.

Tony is unimpressed when Santa and the elves go on strike on the day of the toy appeal. Desperate for stand-ins, he asks Jack, Sarah and Nancy for help. However, the trio’s community spirit vanishes when they realise exactly what they’re getting paid.

Thrilled Nancy breaks the news of her engagement to Sarah, who struggles to share her friend’s excitement, but keeps quiet about her concerns. But when Nancy insists she can’t stay out because she needs to get back home to Jake, Sarah ends up telling Nancy what’s on her mind.