Max goes missing!

Steph and Boyd’s hopes of bringing Max home suffer a blow when Max is sequestered following his violent outburst at the hospital. Max is relieved to be kept under observation, but Steph and Boyd are furious, and maintain that Max’s condition has worsened since he entered psychiatric care.

While they lobby to discharge him, deluded Max mistakes Elle for Steph and tells her he can’t face going home in his present state as he fears he’s a danger to himself and others. To his mind, there’s only one available option left open to him, and that’s to disappear.

Katya helps Ned fill the spare rooms at Number 30, and the couple have 15 potential new housemates to interview. Ned selects almost too-perfect couple Pepper Steiger and Frazer Yeats; laid-back indie kid Will Griggs; and Carmella’s sister Rosetta Cammeniti. But the new housemates aren’t all they seem…

>Paul, Lyn and Oscar fly off to New York on holiday leaving Elle behind. Consumed with guilt over Max’s breakdown, she’s keen to see him fully recover. But when she hears about Max’s deteriorating condition from Janae, Elle visits Max at hospital and confesses that she caused his breakdown. But it’s too late as Max has taken leave of his senses.

Later, Boyd and Steph turn up at the hospital to take Max home, but he’s gone missing.