As Steve heads off on holiday with Tracy, Becky tries to remain positive, refusing to leave Weatherfield. But when she sees Max moving into the Platts she’s jolted. Kylie’s doing everything she can to settle Max into his new home, but when she receives a call from a client about a nail appointment she’s forced to rush off. Alone with Max, David does his best, but as they play football in the garden David gets into a row with Owen and takes his eye off Max. And the lad disappears!

When Ian comes into the Bistro to explain his company’s position, Nick and Eva learn that all stock has been impounded. They head down to the warehouse to claim the wine Nick’s paid for, but it’s a waste of time. However, Eva vows she isn’t leaving empty handed and she and Nick take the law into their own hands. She breaks into the building and following her inside Nick locates his stock.

Sophie‘s put out when Sian turns down a trip to the cinema because she’s got too much coursework on.

Also, Frank’s impressed with Sally’s work when she proposes a potential deal for the factory; Carla takes back the reins at Underworld.