Max has an abrupt change of heart

Bradley is still smarting from Max’s refusal to be his best man, but he’s horrified when Stacey quickly agrees to let Sean take Max’s place. Sean bumps into Max and he can’t resist winding him up by telling him the news and pointing out that he’ll be working very closely with Tanya! Max is worried and tells a thrilled Bradley that he’ll be his best man after all. Stacey is furious.

Jane is still frantic about the missing Ian and she can’t deal with having Steven in the house as well so she asks him to leave. When it’s clear that Lucy is desperate for Steven to stay, Jane has second thoughts and she asks a relieved Steven to stay a little longer.

Patrick is talked into having a few pints in the Vic with Charlie and the lads, but he gets a fright after Keith and some of the market lads buy cheap beer at the Minute Mart to secretly drink at the pub. Roxy finds out and mistakenly blames Patrick for what’s been going on. A scared Patrick makes a swift exit.

Also, Deano refuses to accept that he may go to prison; Phil decides to look for his daughter Louise!

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