Max hits rock bottom

Max is suffering after Tanya, Lauren and Oscar’s departure. When Tanya calls Abi and not him to update them on Lauren’s progress, he’s hurt. Infuriating Abi when he infers Cora isn’t family, Max is forced to tell Abi about Kirsty’s pregnancy lie. When Dexter points out to Abi that it must be hard for Max having lost everything, Abi apologises, prompting Max to break down in her arms.

Max asks Cora to dinner to say sorry for being harsh to her. After explaining that he’s finished with Kirsty, an unsympathetic Cora makes a dig about him ruining another marriage. Kirsty, meanwhile, is desperate to win round Max, begging him not to leave her when he comes to the flat to collect his belongings. When Kirsty challenges Max to say he doesn’t love her, he can’t do it. But unable to deal with Kirsty’s betrayal, Max walks away.

Lucy is forced to confess to Joey that Lauren has fallen out with her again after she let Lauren believe that she and Joey are an item. Upset with Lucy, talking about Lauren makes Joey realise that he’s still in love with his cousin. Lucy tries to soothe Joey’s hurt by comforting him with a kiss.