Max is a free man, but where is Ian?

Max prepares himself for trial, sure he’s going to prison. Meanwhile, David doorsteps Ian in another attempt to stop him testifying, but Ian won’t change his mind. Wanting to make sure that Ian sticks to the plan, Carl menacingly tells Ian he’ll be round to take him to court in a taxi. When Carl arrives, he’s furious to discover Ian has already left. Peter warns Carl not to push Ian, who might tip over the edge.

Time ticks by as the court waits for Ian, who mysteriously never turns up. When the police look for him at the Beales’, Peter worries, especially when he finds a hold-all of Ian’s clothes. With no evidence to convict Max, he’s found not guilty. Max is elated as he walks out of court, leaving Carl is seething. Later, on some wasteland, a van stops. The doors are thrown open to reveal a bound and gagged Ian…

Cora is suspicious as Sam bluffs when he realises that he’s forgotten Ava’s birthday, claiming he has a special day planned. When Sam sees his passport in a drawer, he looks at it wistfully, clearly feeling trapped. Sam is late for Ava’s birthday lunch, but finally arrives with a bouquet of flowers. Sam feels suffocated as Ava talks about their future.