Elle returns home from Gail’s to be with her dad, but on her way back to Erinsborough, she’s stunned to see Max Hoyland loading some shopping into his car.

Knowing that she will have to grass up some gangsters from the criminal underworld, Katya decides she can no longer put her family at risk, so skips bail and runs away, leaving a distressed Zeke to enlist Bree’s help in tracking her down.

While Steph waits anxiously for Toadie to be operated on, she confides in Susan that he is more than just a friend and she’s fallen in love with him. Boyd overhears Steph’s declaration of love but disguises his hurt to offer his blessing, while Steph, convinced Max is gone for good, takes off her wedding ring.

Later, Karl tells Susan that surgeons have left a bullet fragment lodged delicately in Toadie back, which may cause him serious damage in the future.

Janae’s upset to find that Glenn has sent a Christmas card to Boyd and questions him about his relationship with Glenn. Boyd denies any wrongdoing, but is unhappy when Janae rings Glenn to warn her to stay away from her husband. Later, unbeknown to Janae, Boyd rings Glenn to apologise.

Also, Harold adopts Bree’s kitten.