Tanya is relieved when Abi reveals the pregnancy test is Lola’s. Tanya wants Max to leave, but he insists he’s staying until he’s seen Lauren. The Brannings’ big brother Derek follows Max in as Max has been staying with him. An upset Lauren gets home and demands to know why Tanya’s been lying. Tanya hedges to stop the truth about her cancer coming out and forces Max to leave. After Max has gone, Lauren blurts out the truth to Cora and Rainie…

Tanya explains she’s stopped her treatment because she couldn’t bear the family to go through the heartache of seeing her die slowly, as she had to with her father. Cora is insistent that Tanya’s dad passed away peacefully and is stunned when Tanya reveals that she helped him to die. Tanya freaks out about her confession and locks herself in the bathroom, grabbing packets of pills.

Meanwhile, Derek sees Pat on his way to visit Jack and he follows her into her house. Pat is clearly scared and insists Derek’s not welcome. Carol is horrified to see Derek, as they haven’t spoken in years. Derek and Max prepare to leave the Square when Lauren, terrified about what Tanya will do, throws herself on Max’s car and begs him to stay.