Tony and OB are outraged to learn that Max is to be charged with assaulting Clare, while a distraught Max fears that people will think he’s a wife beater. Things get worse when Max rises to Clare’s bait and furiously drags her out of Gnosh II, offering her the shirt off his back if she leaves him alone. But Clare makes it clear she’s out for all she can get, and that includes The Loft.

Lovelorn Josh continues his attempts to write a love song for Amy despite Fletch and Rhys’ scepticism. Sarah agrees to invite Amy to Hannah’s 18th birthday party for Josh to serenade her.

Kris tries to stick up for Zoe by badmouthing Rhys over the radio. Meanwhile, Will is eager to exploit the situation to draw Zoe closer to him, and calls the radio station impersonating Rhys. But Rhys is furious and storms into the radio station protesting his innocence and threatening to punch Kris’s lights out.

While Hannah is thrilled with her latest passionate encounter with John-Paul, he’s finding it tough to keep up his charade. And he feels even worse when Craig tells him he might have to cancel their football trip to the US in favour of a holiday with Sarah to Tenerife and takes his frustrations out on a despondent Hannah…