Greg invites Max and Vanessa over for a Fathers’ Day barbecue. Max is pleased to be able to spend time with Tanya. Max and Vanessa arrive, much to Tanya’s surprise, who feels uncomfortable. Max tries to wind up Tanya in front of Greg. Max gets Tanya alone and brings up their clinch the other night. The chemistry between them is undeniable, but Greg interrupts before they can take things further.

Tamwar and Afia discuss the wedding with Zainab and Yusef. Zainab thinks for appearances sake Masood should be there. Yusef manipulates Afia into getting Tamwar to un-invite Masood. Tamwar feels forced to agree when Afia looks genuinely scared of Masood. He’s shocked when Tamwar tells him he can’t come to the wedding. Tamwar is evasive when Masood demands to know why. Masood sees Yusef in the Square and shouts out that he’ll stop the wedding, but Yusef ignores him.

Eddie visits Michael at Roxy’s flat, but Michael is less than happy to see his father. Eddie feels hurt when Michael ignores him. Later, when they’re in company, Michael makes a point of being nice to Eddie. Michael takes Eddie aside and tells him to stop playing the nice guy – he knows who he really is…