Max is in cold water!

*First episode*

At their country cottage hideaway, Clare scares Tom by telling him this could be Max’s last Christmas so they had better make the most of it. Elsewhere, OB is frantically trying to track Max down and even reports their disappearance to the police, but they’re not convinced that Clare poses a threat to her husband.

Meanwhile, as Clare presses ahead with her plan to kill Max, he is stunned to discover she’s been fiddling with his medication, and starts to seriously fear for his health and Tom’s safety.

Myra’s unhappy to discover all the family’s Christmas presents have been pinched by Michaela’s no good dad, but despite the lack of festive cheer in the McQueen household, they make do by having plenty of festive fun and games anyway.

John-Paul lets slip to Craig that he has feelings for someone and Craig is furious when he works out he means Sarah!

Also, Leo tries to outdo Diane as he attempts to prepare his first Christmas meal for his family.

*Second episode, 7.00pm*

Max is stunned to hear Clare scream for help – Tom is drowning in the lake! Mustering his last reserves of strength, Max drags himself to the lake outside the cottage and throws himself into the icy water in a desperate search for his brother.

Back in the village, OB is frantically searching for clues as to Max’s whereabouts. But he’s too late. As Max flails in the icy water, he clutches his chest and blacks out, leaving a smiling Clare to congratulate herself on a job well done.

Having worked out that John-Paul fancies Sarah, Craig’s miffed to spot the couple getting into the festive spirit by dancing close together on an overcrowded dancefloor at the club. And it’s the last straw when he spots John-Paul accidentally getting a handful of Sarah, and he confronts him, punching him to the ground.

Leo shocks the Valentines when he makes a candid New Year’s speech, telling them they’re in for a new start, but it’s up to them to decide whether he’ll be a part of it or not. His words have an effect on Calvin who calls a truce with Jake when Jake thanks him for saving him from the fire.

Also, Sasha struggles with her first Christmas without her mum and tries to make the most of who she has left.