Using a former junkie to catch a drugs boss was always a risky strategy but DS Max Carter went ahead and did exactly that last week. Now he has to deal with the fall-out… And it’s a messy business. Max and DC Jo Masters are called to the home of their informant Fran Morris (former Casualty star Kelly Harrison), where they find her being loaded into an ambulance. She’s unconscious and her young son, Noah, is missing.

Max is sure that jailed drugs boss Damian Tucker is the reason for Fran’s sudden poor health because, thanks to her help, Damian is behind bars. It’s no surprise, then, when Max discovers that one of Damian’s ‘business’ associates, Tyson Archer, visited Fran before she was found unconscious.

When questioned, Tyson admits that Damian told him to tempt Fran with drugs. He left them with her then discovered the drugs had been spiked and went to warn her. That’s when he found her unconscious and he thought she’d already taken them.

But are Fran’s injuries self-inflicted because she returned to her bad old ways? Max gets a break when Noah is found with a friend of Fran’s. He’s confident that the boy can tell them exactly what happened but it’s Sun Hill’s forensic team who finally reveal the shocking course of events…