Jack visits Max in hospital and Max bluntly asks Jack if he tried to run him over. Max calls Lauren but she slams down the phone. Max discharges himself from hospital and moves in with the girls and Oscar, and tells Jack to move out. Abi is delighted, but Lauren is furious and tells Max that he deserved what happened to him.

Vinnie is excited about his rally drive, but Callum is unconvinced it will happen. He bets Vinnie that the car won’t turn up and whoever loses has to strip naked and run around the Square! Vinnie is smug when the Ford Mustang arrives, but he decides to join Callum in his strip. Vinnie asks Callum to be his co-driver, but Callum doesn’t want to leave the Square.

Lucas is in a strange mood and Chelsea worries that he is thinking of leaving Walford. Lucas assures Chelsea that he will stay in the Square for her, but she is confused about his motives for staying when he confesses that he and Denise shared a kiss.

Also, Ian challenges Lucy to make a grand by the end of the week and he’ll double it; Bianca takes on extra work to save for Whitney’s birthday.

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