Max learns the truth about Charlie

Max visits Dot to apologise for his bad attitude, but he makes a swift exit when he realises Charlie is there. When Charlie later hears Max talking to Emma, he’s intrigued. Later, left alone with Charlie, Max warns him to stop pushing his way into the family. Playing Max at his own game, Charlie gets the upper hand. Max learns some alarming news when Emma reveals Charlie isn’t a policeman.

Denise is devastated by Ian’s insistence that Patrick needs to go into a home, and she threatens to move out with Patrick and care for him alone. When Masood agrees with Denise that she should look after Patrick, Ian is frustrated. After visiting Patrick, Denise realises that it would be a struggle to care for Patrick on her own, reluctantly telling Ian that Patrick should go into a home after all.

Lola is miserable with Peter, who continues to be dismissive with her. She’s also upset when Jay reveals he’s leaving Walford to live with Abi when she goes to university. Meanwhile, Bianca is encouraging when Whitney reveals she wants to take things further with Lee. Whitney has a change of heart and sabotages her date with Lee by offering to babysit Lily.