Abi is still furious with Max for leaving her and Lauren with a home to run and bills to pay. When Lauren secretly visits Max she doesn’t get the news she was hoping for when Max reveals it’s likely he’ll be put in jail. Although trying to keep positive, Max’s words hit Lauren hard.

Carol soon comes round to the idea of having Terry move in with his kids, despite Bianca springing such a big surprise on her. The kids are not so forgiving, however. Outside the house Liam, Morgan and Tiff argue with Terry’s children Rosie and Terry Jnr. Bianca is frustrated when she asks them if they’re willing to all live together and the answer is a resounding ‘no’! Terry convinces Bianca not to give up.

Meanwhile, Bianca is concerned to see how close Carol and David are. Questioning David’s motives for being in Walford, Bianca tells him that if he’s there to see her and not Carol then he should prove it by leaving. She soon has a change of heart, however, telling a pleased David she wants him to stay.

Also, Alfie, Kat and Tommy set off a special rocket in memory of Michael, looking like the perfect little family.