A seriously ill Max crawls out of his sick bed to buy a Christmas present for Tom. But when Dominic and OB spot him, they’re shocked by his awful appearance and attempt to get him to a hospital. Unfortunately, Clare intercepts them, and declares that she’ll take Max to hospital.

But when a suspicious OB later visits the hospital to check on Max, he discovers he’s not there…Unknown to him, Clare has taken Max and Tom on an unexpected journey to a deserted country cottage.

Becca feels inadequate as she struggles with motherhood in prison and bonds with another prisoner, Keeley, before she gets a visit from Frankie. Keen to put aside their differences for the sake of the baby, Frankie offers Becca a solution to her problems – and Becca is forced to make a tough decision.

Michaela is being secretive as the McQueens prepare for their Christmas knees-up. And as they’re enjoying their evening, she secretly leaves the party to meet her dad. The meeting goes well, and Michaela happily heads off to the shops. But when she returns home, she discovers her dad has stolen all the McQueen’s Christmas presents! Michaela is riddled with guilt as her family get back to discover they’re in for a bare Christmas.

Also, Sarah comforts a bewildered and heartbroken Hannah.